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"Dance Nyaad is where my daughter, Annie, grew into a beautiful dancer. Because of all Dance Nyaad's very talented teachers, it has improved her dancing ability and true passion for dance. Carrie, studio owner and dance teacher, emphasizes technique and beautiful choreography in each dance class and style. Dance Nyaad provides a nurturing environment that allows each dancer to express themselves and raises their dancers to be kind, dedicated, and skilled. Annie has been dancing all her life, and she has been dancing with Dance Nyaad for 6 years. After switching studios, Annie has now found her home for dance. I am so grateful and happy that we found such a wonderful dance studio, and my daughter and I appreciate Carrie so much for her positive teaching and warm welcome."

-Anna Fasulo, Parent

"I have had an excellent experience at dance nyaad. There is no one word that can describe all the good things we have got from Carrie, Jessie, Lil, Rebeca, all the teachers at the studio. It has been a gift for my daughter to dance there. The environment is so friendly and welcoming. The older girls always nice and willing to help the younger students. Since the day my daughter started dancing at Dance Nyaad ( 6 years ago) we have had just a fantastic experience. It is the best dance studio. Hands down!!! 100% recommended. Please go check it out. It is wonderful"

-Patricia Ocejo, Parent

"Dance NYAAD is a work of art and heart! The studio is a true dance treasure, rare and sometimes never found! I did not allow my daughter to take dance lessons of any kind until I found the perfect studio- DANCE NYAAD! She has been dancing there for almost 10 years! Passions and talents in children and teens are developed and nurtured with attention to the whole child; heart, mind, and body. The dance techniques taught in each category of dance are unsurpassed! All of the teachers have danced professionally or are currently professional dancers. Seniors move on to conservatories, universities, and professional dance companies fully prepared. Whether dancers at NYAAD seek careers in dance or any other far reaching realm, they will benefit from the long term experience at Dance NYAAD! Stop in and watch a video---- you will be amazed!"

-Jennifer C., Parent

Dance Nyaad develops stunning, well-trained dancers with safe technique. Always impressed by the preservation of a classical approach to enhancing true artists! Owner, Carrie Tron, trains elegance and precision technique in her beautiful dancers & displays it in incredible choreography. All of Dance Nyaad’s staff inspire greatness. Watching the Dance Nyaad dancers truly feels like a night out at a professional dance theatre production.

-Tina Sfarra, Parent

"There is something very special about this place that always keep me comfortable. Everyone is so nice and loving that you can really trust. I have made a best and forever friend who encouraged me to love to dance more and more, and it really did happen. It also made my mental health better and gave me some time to forget all the stress in school at the same time as it helped my physical health."


"Dance Nyaad has definitely made my year. The teachers are kind and pay every person the most attention they can so we can all grow into our best possible dancers. The people are welcoming and in under a year I have made many friends and feel at home at Dance Nyaad. The performance is so much fun, and so are the classes. I have enjoyed every second of my time here and can’t wait for next year to start!"

-Ryan Witz, Student

"Dance Nyaad has been like a second home to me. Everyone is so amazing and supportive, which makes for a really accepting and positive environment. Also, the teachers and classes are incredible. I would never have gotten to where I am today as a dancer without the amazing instruction at Dance Nyaad."

-Morgan Fost, Student

"I have really enjoyed my time at Dance Nyaad. My dancing skills have really improved since I took my first class, and I have gained many close friendships that will last with me my entire life. The teachers have all made an impact on my dancing skills, and are never anything but kind to us."

-Catherine Cerone, Student

"i’ve been going to dance nyaad for the past 7 years and it’s become my second home. the care and effort that the teachers put into us students journey as dancers is simply incredible. i love dance nyaad."

-Scarlett Roy, Student

"Dance NYAAD becomes a home to its students where they get to do what they love surrounded by people they love!!"

-Ainsley Haines, Student

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