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REGISTRATION FEE: for new dancers only, $35, non-refundable

TUITION PAYMENTS: Can be divided into two payments, the first at the time of registration and the second by Nov. 26, 2013. One hour class one time per week registration must be paid in full at the time of registration. Every week past the tuition due date will result in a $20 per week past due fine. OUR 2013-2014 SEASON BEGINS 9/12 AND ENDS 6/1. All students must register for a full year in our afternoon programs.

REFUND POLICY: Your registration is for our full dance year. You will be responsible for the entire tuition unless you withdraw from our program by September 26, 2013. Tuition is non- refundable after the first two week trial period. You must notify Carrie Tron of your withdrawal prior to 9/26 or of your intent to exchange it for another class currently on the schedule.
An injury that leaves a child unable to dance prior to 10/1/2013 will result in a credit given for the following year.

ADDITIONAL FEES: Dancers in companies will have additional fees associated with performing, traveling, extra rehearsals and costumes. All students will have an end of the year recital fee, which includes rehearsal and theater rental, usually around $100 total including one costume. Returned checks will result in a $30 fee per check. College consultations and private lessons/coaching are priced at the discretion of the Director.

MISSED CLASSES: You are requested but not required to make-up missed classes in any similar class possible throughout the year. No refund is given for missed classes.

CANCELLATIONS: We do not put our dancers, their families or staff into danger during potentially hazardous weather. We retain the right to cancel classes due to the threat or report of dangerous driving conditions, with no make-ups required. Please call the studio (914) 715-9882 or (914)-244-8500 for weather related closings. Teachers may provide an approved substitute for personal absences.

BEHAVIOR POLICY: any student causing any harm or disruption to others in class may be asked to leave the class. If the offense is repetitive and serious, you may be asked to leave the school with no refund. Continual lateness and improper dress may also result in your student being asked to leave the class with no refund.

INSURANCE: DanceNyaad does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance policies, and if accidents or injuries occur, It is understood that the student’s own medical policy is their only source of reimbursement.